Preparing food industry compliant coatings




Who we are

JPH Trading Co. is a privately owned company founded in 1991 in Budapest, Hungary. We focus on creating value by providing custom solutions to our clients in different industries, with collaborations across more than 15 countries.
Currently, we have four key areas:

  • Manufacturing high-quality, welded, machined parts for the German market (pump casings for screw pumps, base plates, interlinings for the oil industry)
  • Preparing food industry compliant coatings for tanks, floors and wall surfaces in Hungary, and in other European and non-European countries
  • Manufacturing slot wedges in magnetizable and non-magnetizable versions for windmill turbines, for customers in Hungary, Austria, Brazil, China, Estonia, Finland, India and Italy
  • exclusive importer and distributor of the masculan® condom family in Hungary and neighbouring countries

Presentation of JPH Trading Ltd.:

These functions are also supported by complementary activities, such as sand blasting or heat treatment, which are closely related to the products and services we produce.

These areas of activity have developed continuously over the course of our 30 years of operation, carefully taking into consideration customer-, financial-, technical and market needs.

Ever since our foundation, the distribution of the masculan® condom family has been of paramount importance in our business activities; we sell masculan products not only in Hungary, but also in the surrounding countries such as the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

With the continuous development of the masculan® product line, we managed to significantly increase our market share both in Hungary and in the surrounding countries, and currently it is roughly 25% in Hungary.

Our various activities are closely intertwined in the field of financing and in establishing our stable economic situation.

We strive for success by providing further improvements and continuous innovation, also leveraging on our 30-year-experience and past business successes.

Szervezeti felépítés / organization chart

Production of slot wedges, preparation of food coatings, manufacture of welded, mached constructions, distribution of Masculan products